Our operations are divided into four main areas: Process, Logistics, Traffic and Security. Each area has projects that include all steps of the digital image processing process: “capture – transmit – process – react.” At the same time, the projects of each area differ in how the applications are used, adapted and developed. There is constantly cross-fertilization between the main areas. An adaptation to a detection system that works well in a new tunnel project in the Traffic sector can be adjusted, used and be a great success in the Process sector.

Nowadays, there is a wealth of advanced digital equipment and technical platforms. The challenge is to make communication between the different equipment work effectively and trouble-free. ISG technicians and programmers are specialized in integrating equipment and platforms into effective image processing systems that can include:

  • System construction
  • Documentation
  • Quality plan
  • Testing system solutions
  • Delivery and commissioning
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • Training

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